Solo exhibition: White out

Guy Van Bossche at the MUHKA
(Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen, Belgium)
Like many painters, Guy Van Bossche uses photography as a filter through which reality is depicted. This also affects how they are framed. Certain images are only fragmentary represented, which is reflected in the choice of subjects referring to something which remains outside the picture. Clothes and dolls, for example, suggest the existence of their owner, without the latter ever being visible. The moment caught in time, which is the picture, hides the reasons and purpose of the action which is depicted. Guy Van Bossche only shows ...
Exhibition: sat 11 may til sun 18 aug 2002

  • Camera & Montage: Wim Catrysse

Onder Cover on ATV - Guy Van Bossche

Van de Antwerpse kunstenaar Guy Van Bossche verscheen een prachtige monografie. Wij zochten hem op in zijn atelier.

  • Publish on ATV on March 13th, 2013

We are the only artists in the village

Exhibition at TARMAC

  • Camera: Jan Stevens
  • Publish on YouTube: November 14th 2011